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Committed to excellence, we consistently provide premium respondents for both qualitative and quantitative studies. With a team boasting diverse talents, we offer services that go above and beyond those of a conventional market research firm.

Our Services

Information for Advancing Your Solutions: Going Beyond Data Collection

Brands around the world are finding it harder and harder to thrive in a world that is constantly teetering on the brink of massive disruption. To help them navigate this volatile landscape, brands rely on captivating data and insightful insights gleaned from a wide range of qualitative, quantitative, and online research solutions. Here at Research & Metric, we have a 5-step screening process that involves thoroughly researching respondent profiles in order to provide the most qualified individuals for focus groups, surveys, and interviews. If you need help with any aspect of your research, or if you would want us to handle the whole project for you, Research & Metric is here to help.

Qualitative Methodologies

Qualitative methodology is the main focus of our approach. To make sure that everyone's opinions are considered, we use techniques like topic analysis and in-depth interviews to get to the bottom of people's motivations and viewpoints.

Quantitative Methodologies

Quantitative methods play a crucial role in our approach. Our study is rigorous and objective because we use statistical analysis and surveys to gather numerical data, which we then use to find trends and make conclusions based on evidence.

Pre Post Field Services

Comprehensive, personalized research solutions that encompass the entire process, from inception to post-completion services.

Other Key Services

We offer value-added services, including report preparation, translation, transcription, survey programming, and more, as an extension of our industry expertise, aimed at bolstering your experience with us.

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