Pre/Post Field Services

From Planning to Post-Analysis: Comprehensive Support

Our pre/post field services encompass every aspect of your market research endeavor. From initial planning and protocol design to data collection, analysis, and reporting, we provide full-cycle assistance. With our expertise, streamline your research process and leverage valuable insights for informed decision-making and strategic growth.

Pre/Post Field Services

Comprehensive Support: From Preparation to Analysis

Our pre-field services entail comprehensive planning and preparation to ensure the success of data collection endeavors. This involves collaborating closely with clients to understand their research objectives and design surveys tailored to their needs. Our team meticulously selects appropriate sampling methodologies, develops robust questionnaires, and coordinates logistics to facilitate smooth fieldwork operations. We also handle administrative tasks such as securing necessary permissions and permits for data collection activities. Additionally, we provide training and guidance to fieldworkers to ensure they are well-equipped to execute data collection tasks effectively.

Survey Programming & Hosting

Option #1 – Short Summary

In order to successfully design, disseminate, and analyze surveys, survey hosting and programming are essential parts of market research. Programmers specializing in survey design create digital surveys with understandable questions, unique layouts, and logic to make each survey unique. Choosing a platform, sending out the survey, checking for data security, and analyzing results are all parts of hosting. Their combined advantages in efficiency, adaptability, cost-effectiveness, worldwide reach, and data accuracy make them indispensable for collecting insightful data from certain demographics.

Option #2 – Comprahensive

Market Research Survey Development and Administration:

By leveraging state-of-the-art technology for interactive engagement with respondents, Research and Metric (R&M) is able to convert traditional questionnaires into online surveys.

General Information:

In order to help businesses make educated decisions, R&M places an emphasis on straightforward and goal-oriented survey design, which guarantees that surveys are easy to administer and yield extensive data.

Positive aspects:

With R&M, survey development becomes more efficient, accurate, and succinct, meeting the demands of respondents with personalized questionnaires.

Practical Application:

R&M recommends improving the survey experience and collecting useful insights effectively by using features such as skip logic and quota control.

Approaches and Procedures:

Supporting a variety of survey methodology and interactive online reporting solutions, R&M offers a wide range of research techniques and approaches.

Custom Services and Social Media Integration:

Custom installations, questionnaire creation, real-time reporting, and social media integration are just a few of the tailored client-specific services offered by R&M.

In conclusion, R&M provides all-inclusive solutions for efficiently gathering useful insights through survey programming and hosting in the field of market research.

Panelist requirement



Transforming audio and video files into text with precision. Accuracy and punctuality are guaranteed by seasoned experts. Choose between original text and  condensed transcripts.  Formatting and criteria can be customized. Enforced stringent security measures to protect sensitive information.


Providing precise translations of written or spoken material from one language to another. Culturally suitable translations are guaranteed by proficient linguists. Specialized skill in many sectors and fields. Official documents can be translated with a certified eye. Efficient processing times without sacrificing product quality. Personalization choices to cater to individual tastes and requirements.

Questionnaire Preparation

Purpose and Target Market Acquiring Knowledge: Establish goals and comprehend target demographic.

Ask personalized questions to gain valuable information.

Make sure your queries are clear and interesting by designing them concisely.

Put things in a logical order so they go smoothly.

Logic and Testing Integration: Check for understand ability and make adjustments as necessary.

Create a tailored experience by integrating logic.

Get the layout approved when you’ve finalized it so it looks good.

Give the go-ahead before sharing.

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